1st Place Winner

Marika Kristiina Kärkkäinen (Mallika Madhavi Dasi)

Stockholm, Sweden • Facebook page: Mallika Madhavi’s Art

"In the Waves of Love" - Mallika Madhavi's Art

“In the Waves of Love”

120×85 cm – Oil on canvas – 2019

The painting “In the Waves of Love” is inspired by my japa in Radhakunda. The meditation I had on the Divine Couple spending time together in Radhakunda and Shyamakunda. Behind Them are two manjaris, hiding nearby the lotuses, always ready to be of assistance to Radha and Krishna.

It was a very sweet revelation once near my dear Guru Maharaja, H.H. Jayapataka Swami, that the manjaris are hiding in the water, near Radha Krishna.

Maharani in the Golden Cave- Marika Kristiina Karkkainen

“Maharani in the Golden Cave”

115×103 cm – Oil on canvas – 2020

2nd Place Winner

Miguel Ángel Perseo Sanhueza Cárdenas (Yunah)

Santiago, Chile • Instagram: Yunah108

“The embodiment of Pure Love and devotional service”

21×29.7 cm – Watercolor and ink – 2020

Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the embodiment of Pure Love, the perfect and harmonious blend of the Divine Couple. The inspiration for this painting was through the readings of His pastimes. The search for different visual resources is also added to make this interpretation of the golden avatar more attractive. A mix of traditional aesthetics, Japanese painting, and Kerala art from India.

“Krishna and the Pure Love of Radharani”

21×29.7 cm – Watercolor and ink – 2020

3rd Place Winner

Daniela Revol (Dārdura DD)

Buenos Aires, Argeentina • Instagram: en.mododeco

Daniela Revol - Allison is back

“Alison is back”

45×30 cm – Sculpture with wire, sheet metal, and epoxy

Alison is back in the spirit world on the boat of the bhakti yoga process, I was inspired by reading the Guide to Understanding the Bhagavad Gita by Hridayananda das Goswami.

Other Contestants

Arjuna-Claudia Jimenez Guerrero

Claudia Jimenez Guerrero

San Luis Potosí, Mexico • Instagram: claudia_i_guerrero



28×40 cm – Graphite and Pastel Gis – 2017

The Great Sankirtana Procession to the House of Chand KAZI

Victoria Andrea Cid Vasquez (Gopa Gopika Devi Dasi)

Santiago, Chile • Facebook: Gopa Gopika Devi Dasi


“The Great Sankirtana Procession to the House of Chand KAZI”

50X40 cm – Acrylic on paper – 2020

The eternal music of love-Akshayaa Selvaraj

Akshayaa Selvaraj

Tamilnadu , India • Instagram: Akshaya.undeliveredletters


The Eternal Music of Love”

13 cm x 19 cm –  Mixed media Art on Art paper (Watercolour, pen, and Pencils) – 2019

Krishna’s hands- Paula Priscilla Goncalves

Paula Priscilla Goncalves do Nascimento
Buenos Aires, Argentina • Instagram: paula.nascimento00


“Krishna’s hands”

17x13cm – Watercolour – 2020

Krishna always takes care of you-Gloria Radha Galicia Jimenez

Gloria Radhe Galicia Jimenez (Ragali)

Jalisco Mexico • Instagram: radhagalicia


“Krishna always takes care of you”

2048 x 1536px – Digital drawing (Procreate) – 2020

Putting an elephant through and eye of a needle-Ashok Kumar Nandy

Ashok Kumar Nandy

Johor Bahru, Malaysia


“Putting an elephant through and eye of a needle – a portal of faith”

91.44×91.44 cm – Acrylics on canvas – 2008

Cosmic turtle- Alexis G. Berni

Alexis G. Berny

Baja California Sur, Mexico • Instagram: alexisberny.art


“Cosmic turtle”

Part of the Collection (tetralogy): “Ying-Yang”

40x40cm – Technique: Mixed on wood – 2020