Shivanand (Sankarshana)

KW Council—Vice-Chairman, Project Leader

London, UK

Shivanand Sharma (Sankarsana Dasa) is a project leader in London, UK. He moved to London from the Caribbean in 2004 to pursue his studies in actuarial science. After completing his studies he began a career in pensions consulting, but in 2011 he took a sabbatical to explore the timeless teachings of Bhakti Yoga as a monk at the famous Radha Krishna Temple in Central London. During this time Sankarsana studied the practicality of applying the principles of this philosophy in present day society, while participating in a range of interfaith events to share and exchange perspectives and ideas of relevant spirituality. Today, Sankarsana serves as a core member of the Krishna West London team while furthering his studies in the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics and pursuing a career as a chartered enterprise risk actuary in pensions consulting.