Mauricio (Jagannatha)

KW Council, Media Team

Chapel Hill, USA

Mauricio Zabala (Jagannath Dasa) lives in Chapel Hill, NC, with his wife, Anandalila, and his three daughters. He is a member of the Krishna West Council and an Adviser for the Krishna West Inc website. In 2014 he helped open the Krishna West Center in Chapel Hill and founded the Krishna West Inc. website so H.D.Goswami could have a platform dedicated to his books. Since 1992 he has served in many ISKCON temples in many capacities, including as a temple president of Iskcon São Paulo (Brazil), building many Ratha-Yatra and Pada-Yatra carts and organizing cultural events. Before getting married he lived as a monastic student in an ISKCON bhakti-yoga ashram for 8 years.