Olivia (Alaksya)

Project Leader

Mexico City, Mexico

Olivia Trejo Solís (Alaksya Devi Dasi) is a Krishna West Council member and a project leader in Mexico City, Mexico. She studied Commercial Relations at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) in México City. She has participated as facilitator and coordinator for 12 years in various human and spiritual development programs, with experience in topics such as Conscious Food, Vedic Philosophy, and Meditation. She also studied Vedic Philosophy at Bhaktivedanta College. She is currently developing a Conscious Food Training School, where various courses in vegan cooking and health are taught. She also serves in Mexico for the international Earth Guardians’ environmental activism movement. Multifaceted, with a taste for cooking, the search for transcendence, and service, Alaksya collaborates voluntarily in programs that promote the well-being of the human being and the planet.