Don't Live Without Purpose

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Are you constantly worried about the opinion of others? Are you feeling unmotivated and unsatisfied? Are you lacking direction? These are symptoms of a life without purpose.

When we lack purpose in life, we default to playing the social game. We live enslaved by the opinion of others in an uncomfortable and empty existence. Our lives do not bring us satisfaction as it’s not really our lives. This type of life leads easily to depression and chemical abuse.

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Beyond Border/Mind Control

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Below is the latest article in our ongoing series, Destination Krishna: A Travel Guide for Modern Pilgrimage — tips for and thoughts from the spiritually-minded traveler.

The youth clad in hiking boots, jeans, and grey t-shirt hoisted his back pack over his shoulder and hurried out in front of me. Swinging my head to the side to avoid the brusque movement of his pack, I slowed my step to give way to his determination.

Perhaps he knew what to expect: clearing US customs takes time. He was making sure to be in front of the 200+ passengers deplaning in Atlanta from Costa Rica.

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Beyond Victimhood


Understand that you’re in control and that feeling like a victim will disempower you. Your entire well-being rests exclusively on you. It’s all in your hands. We have to go beyond victimhood and take control of our life situation to achieve well-being. Going beyond victimhood is one of the key concepts of spiritual life.

You have the power to be happy or to be miserable. You depend on no one else and nothing else. When you become more advanced, you will appreciate how God is always helping you and that everything and everyone ultimately depends on Him. But aside from this mystical and sweet fact of life, it’s crucial to understand and to live by the concept that you’re in power.

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The Sensibility of Krishna West


In my eyes, H.D. Goswami’s Krishna West program constitutes a sensible and pragmatic approach to outreach in the Western world. It claims nothing more than adherence to what our past Vaisnava acaryas have taught since time immemorial: to preach according to time, place and circumstance.

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