Kirtan 101

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How do you describe kirtan in front of Western audiences? Krishna Sharma, our featured musician-of-the-month, explains the essence of kirtan in 150 words or less.

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Samadhi – An Expansion of Kirtan


In a dimly lit room, a sweet jazzy chord rings off the strings of a guitar, quickly progressing into a swaying rhythm. A drum pulses in followed by a familiar and warm harmonium. Anchoring both rhythm and melody, an electric bass booms and then a deep, soulful voice starts the invocation, “Nama Om Vishnu Padaya.” In this way, Samadhi ignites another evening of electrifying kirtan.

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Inevitable Time


With her rich vocals, Ananda Monet stands out as a brilliant singer and musician. The depth and beauty of her performance transfers every venue into a realm of divine bliss and happiness.

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