Celebrating One Million YouTube Views!

giridhari youtube

Giridhari das (Gustavo Dauster) is the leader of our flagship Krishna West project in Brazil. While holding various leadership positions in ISKCON, including Director of BBT Brazil and President of the ISKCON Brazil National Council, he has published three books on yoga and self-realization. In 1998, he built and established Pandavas Paradise, a yoga retreat center and eco-lodge located on a one thousand-acre ecological paradise in the heart of Brazil, where he lives with his wife and two sons.

In 2014, Giridhari started a YouTube channel to expand his Krishna West outreach in Brazil. After three years of steady content creation, his channel now receives over 80K views per month. Last week, he cracked the 1 million mark!

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First International Krishna West Festival 2017


For more details, including a complete schedule, please visit our Facebook event page HERE!

The First International Krishna West Festival will take place from July 21-24, 2017 at ISKCON Nova Gokula in Pindamonhangaba, Brazil. The purpose of the festival is to advance the ancient knowledge of India and its practical application in the West, by discussing strategies for presenting Krishna consciousness in an accessible manner for Western audiences, in accordance with the purposes of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness).

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H.D. Goswami's Newest Book—Now Available!

quest cover

Join our Amazon Giveaway for a chance to win H.D. Goswami's newest book!

We are thrilled to announce that H.D. Goswami's book, Quest for Justice: Select Tales with Modern Illuminations from the Mahabharata, is now available for purchase. Quest for Justice is based upon a collection of lectures on various themes and episodes from the Mahabharata, one of the world’s most significant historical epics.

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Don't Live Without Purpose

coritakent comealive

Are you constantly worried about the opinion of others? Are you feeling unmotivated and unsatisfied? Are you lacking direction? These are symptoms of a life without purpose.

When we lack purpose in life, we default to playing the social game. We live enslaved by the opinion of others in an uncomfortable and empty existence. Our lives do not bring us satisfaction as it’s not really our lives. This type of life leads easily to depression and chemical abuse.

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Beyond Border/Mind Control

acbsp airport

Below is the latest article in our ongoing series, Destination Krishna: A Travel Guide for Modern Pilgrimage — tips for and thoughts from the spiritually-minded traveler.

The youth clad in hiking boots, jeans, and grey t-shirt hoisted his back pack over his shoulder and hurried out in front of me. Swinging my head to the side to avoid the brusque movement of his pack, I slowed my step to give way to his determination.

Perhaps he knew what to expect: clearing US customs takes time. He was making sure to be in front of the 200+ passengers deplaning in Atlanta from Costa Rica.

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Make America Think Again


I recently read an interview with the French philosopher, Frédéric Worms, regarding his book, The Maladies of Democracy, in which he states that the dangers of the modern world derive from people's desire for or acceptance of more authoritarian governments, which they believe can mobilize and defend its citizens from terrorism etc.

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