Beyond Victimhood


Understand that you’re in control and that feeling like a victim will disempower you. Your entire well-being rests exclusively on you. It’s all in your hands. We have to go beyond victimhood and take control of our life situation to achieve well-being. Going beyond victimhood is one of the key concepts of spiritual life.

You have the power to be happy or to be miserable. You depend on no one else and nothing else. When you become more advanced, you will appreciate how God is always helping you and that everything and everyone ultimately depends on Him. But aside from this mystical and sweet fact of life, it’s crucial to understand and to live by the concept that you’re in power.

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Acharya—The Life of Swami Prabhupada


Help make Acharya this summer's blockbuster hit by donating HERE!

Happy New Year & Hare Krishna! Our team is in the final completion stage of the 90-minute documentary film Acharya on the life of Srila Prabhupada. By Krishna’s grace, we have the funds to finish the film thanks to those donors who came forward with their support and especially the anonymous donor who matched donations up to $60,000!

The big news is, we have a distributor who wants to represent our film for distribution in movie theaters in the USA and Canada. The company is Abramorama in NYC and recently represented Eight Days a Week, a film on the Beatles by director Ron Howard. Abramorama’s CEO wrote me this after seeing our latest edit:

"I watched your film. I think it’s terrific: consistently smart and interesting. I’m certain there’s an audience for it even beyond the core."

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