The 3T Path


We are thrilled to post the following book release of The 3T Path by Giridhari das, the leader of our flagship Krishna West project in Brazil.

On this sacred day of Gaura Purnima 2017 my new book, The 3T Path: Self-improvement and Self-realization in Yoga, is now available. The 3T Path is a comprehensive guide to self-improvement and self-realization in yoga with hundreds of useful facts and practices to transform your life. It is written in simple, clear language, easily accessible to all.

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Beyond Victimhood


Understand that you’re in control and that feeling like a victim will disempower you. Your entire well-being rests exclusively on you. It’s all in your hands. We have to go beyond victimhood and take control of our life situation to achieve well-being. Going beyond victimhood is one of the key concepts of spiritual life.

You have the power to be happy or to be miserable. You depend on no one else and nothing else. When you become more advanced, you will appreciate how God is always helping you and that everything and everyone ultimately depends on Him. But aside from this mystical and sweet fact of life, it’s crucial to understand and to live by the concept that you’re in power.

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