Honoring Srila Prabhupada's Legacy


In honor of Srila Prabhupada's remarkable life, the following tribute was written by his disciple, H.D. Goswami.

Srila Prabhupada left this world almost forty years ago. He left us a powerful, relevant, international movement and asked us to expand it, or at least maintain it. In some ways, we did expand and maintain his mission. In other important ways, we did not. Prabhupada often explained that his strategy to make the world Krishna conscious depended on ISKCON’s success in the Western world, since the world follows the West.

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The Unborn is Born

krishna cowherds

On this magnificent Janmastami holiday, during which we celebrate the anniversary of Krishna's appearance, we feature a transcription of a lecture given by H.D. Goswami in which he illuminates the tremendous significance of Krishna's birth.

Today of course is Sri Krishna Janmastami. The word "astami" is a feminine word in Sanskrit, which means “eighth.” Thus, Janmastami refers to Krishna’s birth on the eighth lunar day.

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